PR & Communications Strategist

Do you enjoy helping people get attention for their ideas?

Do you love bringing unique story ideas to life through earned media?

Are you tired of boring, awful PR jobs, and want to be excited for work every day?

If this sounds like you, we've got your perfect career.

Are you a natural storyteller that likes to build narratives that land with target audiences? Do you have a flair for communicating complex concepts in easy-to-understand language? Is your dream to build a brand at a high-growth startup whose mission is to literally help spread wisdom throughout the world?

Scribe Media is growing quickly and looking to bring on an experienced public relations and media professional, responsible for raising awareness around our company, leadership, and services. You will support us by generating a steady cadence of thought leadership and news to advance the company’s reputation and visibility with key audiences (business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs).

We are specifically looking to you to generate media to support …

  • Industry campaigns - Help us reach our target audience in specific categories through professional trade publications and industry-specific blogs. For a Financial Professional campaign for example, we would be looking for placement in Kitces, Investopedia, Financial Advisor Magazine, etc.
  • Visibility with mainstream business audiences - Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, CNBC, etc.
  • Ownership of the Professional Publishing category - Through interviews with prominent entrepreneurial / business podcasts.

Role responsibilities include …

  • Devising and executing a PR strategy that ensures there is always a steady cadence of high-value news going out the door. You’ll work collaboratively with our Communications Manager to lock in the plan of attack, then roll up your sleeves and manage execution. This multi-pronged PR strategy should tell the Scribe Media story, support industry-specific campaigns, and further establish Scribe as the leader in the “Professional Publishing” category.
  • Craft and drive cadence of thought leadership and company news that advances Scribe Media’s reputation and visibility with key audiences (business professionals, executives and entrepreneurs).
  • Collaborate across teams and internal stakeholders to mine unique, relevant story ideas and bring them to life through earned media coverage.
  • Identify and secure thought leadership opportunities across the organization, including bylines, speaking and executive personal branding opportunities.
  • Draft talking points and Q&A and prep key spokespeople for media interviews and speaking opportunities.
  • Manage incoming media inquiries.
  • Collaborate with Ambassador program lead to develop and facilitate influencer / affiliate partnerships on behalf of the brand to support large campaigns and product launches.
  • Monitor news as it relates to our industry and share relevant information, track and report on competitive positioning.
  • Assist our Communications Manager with company award submissions.

If you can nail all the above, you're probably pretty awesome, which brings us to an important question:

Who are we and what do we do?

We’re Scribe Media, and our mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish and market their book.

The problem is that writing and publishing books are, for most people, a painful and difficult process, loaded with uncertainty and aggravation. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible, so that as many people as possible can do it.

We have multiple ways we help people do this. We can edit and publish an already written manuscript (Scribe Publishing), or we can help people write their book using a structured process with our guidance (Scribe Guided Author), or we can do a structured interview process that gets the book out of them in their words and their voice (Scribe Professional).

And if you can't afford our services, that's fine. We give away all of our information for free. Seriously, it's called Scribe Book School, and it's better than any paid course on the internet.

You can see some press about us here.

And you can see some of the books we've already published here.

Why our work matters

Our company was started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of her incredible knowledge and ideas into a book, but didn't have the time to write it or the patience to deal with the frustrating publishing process. So we solved her problem. The origin story is here.

Her book became an amazing success, and we realized the world was full of these people--smart people who should write a book, but don’t, because the process is so painful.

These people want to write books, but don't have the time or desire to do it the old way, and that's why Scribe exists: we help people turn their ideas into books that both cement their legacy and impact the world.

Our process has worked for over 1500 authors in six years, and we’re growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to help everyone on earth write and publish a book.

If we do that, we'll help create many thousands of books that would never have otherwise existed, changing the lives of millions of people. That's really exciting to us.

To see what we mean, here are some author success stories and videos of authors talking about what their books mean to them, and to their readers.

But if you really want to see why we do this...just watch this video of an author we worked with, Philip McKernan.

What’s it like working with Scribe?

We're not going to try to pitch you a load of corporate doublespeak bullshit about how great we are. Instead, we’ll just show you proof.

These are all real tribe members, speaking openly and honestly about all aspects of what it's like to be part of this tribe:

The 5 Things Applicants Need to Know

Who Should Not Work At Scribe?

What’s It Like To Work At Scribe?

You can also watch The Power of Vulnerability at Work, for an excellent glimpse into how much we care about each other as people, and how we approach our relationships.

You can see a bunch more videos here, on our YouTube Channel.

This is the operating system for our tribe: The Scribe Culture Bible.

We are consistently ranked the #1 Best Place To Work in Austin.

Also, Entrepreneur Magazine said we have the #1 company culture in America.

You In? Awesome, here's the details:


  • Remote, you can work from anywhere in the USA

Type of Employment

  • Freelance

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this career.

  • At least three years of experience, five preferable. You’ve worked in-house before, ideally within a B2C company that has dramatically scaled. Agency work ok, too.
  • A nose for news and strong media relationships. You’re a voracious consumer of news and have direct lines to key reporters and editors driving the conversations most relevant to our target consumers (executives, business professionals, entrepreneurs).
  • Proven track record of media success. You have a demonstrated ability to secure top-tier business and trade media and maintain an extensive network of media contacts within the business, industry and lifestyle space.
  • B2C brand building experience. You know how to strategically leverage earned media and social/influencer programs to work our brand into the right business and entrepreneurial communities.
  • Strategic hustle. The ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, embrace the unknown, and adapt to a quickly changing environment without losing the thread on what we’re doing or where we’re headed.

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: $60 an hour (estimated at 10 hours per week)
  • Be Part of a Tribe: This role is intended to begin as freelance, but there is real potential to move to full time, given you want this and you do a great job. We see ourselves as a tribe of people who are working hard together to accomplish a specific mission (help everyone on earth write, publish and market their book), in service of a larger purpose (help people share their story and leave a legacy of impact on others). We also have a pretty cool set of principles that we live by as a tribe, you should check it out, because this is the operating system for our tribe.
  • Freedom: You can work from anywhere—we don't care. We only care that you have reliable phone and internet connections and that you do your job well.
  • Fun & Fast-Paced Work: We don’t have boring days. Some are hectic, some are hard, some are incredibly rewarding...but they are never boring and never exactly the same. That's what happens when you're solving real problems for people.
  • Work with Interesting People: Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories.

EEO Statement

At Scribe, we don’t just accept differences — we support them, celebrate them, and as a company, we thrive on them. Scribe is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we actively look for and hire people who bring new perspectives and experiences to our tribe.

Everyone has a story to share. Our CEO, JeVon “JT McCormick”, is just one Tribe Member example.

Application Expectations

One last thing before you apply: this is a multi-step application process that is long and involved. We don't do this to annoy you, and this is not a wasted, bureaucratic effort—we do it because it's necessary. We want to find a great PR & Communications Strategist who is passionate about what we do and can deliver the kind of visibility our brand needs to support the growth of our company and our mission.

Ready to apply?

Complete the application by clicking on the "Apply To Position" button. Applications will remain open until we find the perfect person for this role.

You can expect to hear back from us either way within 15 business days. To make sure we're able to give your application the careful attention and time it deserves, please do not follow up with us unless you don't hear back from us by then.

Please, no phone calls. Due to the number of applicants we typically receive for our career openings, we are not able to do phone interviews until later stages of the hiring process. All applicants must submit an application through our portal. Scribe will not sponsor applicants for work visas.

Note: If you're on an external job site, we encourage you to apply directly from our career portal at